Senior Consultant (SA); CEO—RME consulting (Canada) Inc.

Education: B-Eng (Mining) – University of Pretoria (1991), MSc (Mining) University of the Witwatersrand (1999), Ph.D (Mining) University of the Witwatersrand (2003), South Africa, Mine Environmental Control Certificate, Chamber of Mines, 1996. (No. 846). Professional Engineers and Certificate of Authorization (Canada)


Brief summary of experience


He has collectively 30 years experience within the mining industry. This experience can be divided as 13 years of deep goldmine experience with the remainder on various other mines such as Coal, Platinum, Diamonds, Potash &, Base Metal mines within the industry worldwide. He was highly involved in the Deepmine research initiative where different aspects of Safety & Health, Ventilation and Refrigeration was researched and reported on. Has written various papers on deep mines heat flow and reduction techniques and the ventilation and refrigeration simulation techniques of underground mines are done in detail as part of a mine/s design methodology. Various different projects with relation to Safety & Health have been evaluated, audited, reviewed and designed both locally and internationally. Alex is a specialist in deep level mine ventilation and refrigeration/cooling, design, planning and simulation work Ventilation and refrigeration forms part of all underground and industrial surface operations evaluation and optimisation and is executed in detail for consulting services to operations, both in North America and abroad. Alex is an associate consultant for many large companies for ventilation and occupational hygiene engineering related services.


RME was instrumental in the Gautrain underground development system which is currently in operation and will continue for some time to come. Alex is also involved with the Eskom Ingula works in the Drakensberg in South Africa which is large excavations and provide management and design consulting work ongoing. He was also involved with tunnel ventilation systems in the Niagara region of Canada including a water storage facility in Hamilton, Ontario. He was highly involved with the underground nuclear storage facility ventilation design for the Ontario government. Alex was the ventilation specialist for Vale’s Thompson mine in Manitoba and completed the feasibility study design with other partners of the project. Furthermore, extensive experience in the design and application of deep and shallower operations in relation to safety and health (assessment and analysis of occupational health risks relating to airborne pollutants such as gases, and dust, including thermal stress, and noise). Consulting designs and practical implementation of design work has been done (locally and internationally) in the area of mine ventilation, cooling and occupational hygiene for new and operating gold, base metal, platinum, and diamond mining operations. Experience in fire mitigating aspects in the design of fire prevention strategies for underground metalliferous mines, platinum, coal, and diamond mines have been done. Experience in the investigation of hazard posed by fires, gases, dust, and explosive mixtures in metalliferous, coal, diamond, and platinum mines. Extensive experience in the design of ventilation, occupational hygiene, and cooling systems for massive ore body and mechanized operations.  Experience in the management of Ventilation and Occupational Hygiene Engineering personnel for large operations both locally and internationally. Experience in the design of software applications for the calculation of heat loads and air quantity requirements for underground environments and simulation of operational control systems thereof. Lecturing undergraduate and post graduate students at Pretoria and the University of the Witwatersrand including seasonal professor at Toronto University in the specialized field of ventilation has also been done and ongoing. Lectures and training has been done in Australia for their industry requirements.

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